Article Processing Charges

The Tun J Sport Sci Med is a peer-reviewed publication that aims to distribute high-quality medical research findings. We acknowledge that publishing research papers in prominent journals can be costly, and we are committed to supporting our authors in this process. We have therefore chosen to waive all APC for the Tun J Sport Sci Med. This means that all articles will be published for free, encouraging authors to submit their research. Our goal is to provide researchers and scientists with a valuable opportunity to highlight their work and receive recognition for their efforts without the financial burden of publication. By offering free publication, we aim to encourage a diverse range of submissions from established researchers and early-career scientists. As an open-access journal, we are dedicated to making research available to a global audience. By waiving APCs, we aim to eliminate financial obstacles to publication and provide an equal platform for all researchers to share their work. While we have waived APCs for now, we may consider reinstating fees in the future to maintain the journal's long-term viability. Nevertheless, we will always strive to keep our costs reasonable and affordable, and we will continue to provide waivers and discounts to authors in need of financial assistance.